Celebrating Self

Last night I had a concert to announce the launch of my new album “Conversions,” that I recorded with the pianist Jobic Le Masson.  Being a modern, independent musician, I had to do everything myself, all the work that traditionally would have been performed by a producer or graphic designer or photographer. It was not easy but it was, and continues to be interesting. But one Surprising outcome of this journey has been that I have learned to love my music. Seems crazy but it is true. Why? It must be that old devil called self-doubt, the ridiculous barrier we put between ourselves and our dreams. And last night’s concert reaffirmed this new-found love.
Music is my life, my love, my friend and confidante. Yet I have too often doubted my ability to do justice to her. What a mistake that was. My music is fresh, lively and provocative, yes, but beautiful. My voice is unique and my story speaks. I am one of a kind, I am unique, as are you and you and you and you too. The rich and vibrant tapestry we create, we should learn to love. I’m so glad to be here with you.
And this afternoon I am going to Parc Floral Paris. The annual Summer Jazz Festival is happening. On the stage today are the Malian singer Fatoumia Diawara and Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca, together sharing their musical heritages to present to us. They too are unique, they too have their own stories to tell. Magnificent too.

An audio sample from the soon to be relaxed album “Conversions” by Gwen Sampé and Jobic Le Masson.

“Your Love Came silently in the night,
Your kisses warmed summer’s flight,
You gave to me that old forgotten feeling,
A tranquil trust that this was really meant to be.
Your Love came in soft slippers on polished wood,
Your kisses helped me know that I could,
Lose myself in this mystery,
That fathomless, bottomless passion in making love.
© Gwen Sampé – words and music


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