The First Time I Saw Mars

I have recently discovered the wonders of the night sky. Of course I always knew it was there, that unimaginably vast expanse that is the gateway to the universe, but I never really thought much about it, except fot thr ritual full moon conversations. But lately I have been drawn to watching and contemplating. So I purchased a wonderful little app called NightSky2 to help me navigate and learn about that which I knew virtually nothing.
I know the tales of the great astronomers of the past, the Egyptians and Mayans, the Druids and the Dogon, and I have always been astounded by what they knew and how they could know. Incredible knowledge woven from years of observation, careful analysis and precision calculation. I feel a great urge to explore that universe that they knew so well. So with my shiny new app I have been examining the sky. And tonight i saw Mars. When I realized what I was looking at, I felt so moved, even a bit weak. With mouth open and heart beating fast I stood there transfixed, and you know what else, I felt a song well up inside of me as I gazed upon that speck, seemingly so small there next to the moon. After getting over the shock of actually seeing, I felt music. Of course there are those who say they universe is just one big symphony, and I must admit, I do agree. I heard a symphony tonight.

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